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  1. Update on Oxford Event 12th and 13th September to comemorate the centenary of The Brig.
    OOD is incorrect.
    The event is CONFIRMED
    The Banquet IS still accepting bookings
    We DO NOT have any provision for owner riders of horse.
    Please attach this information to the details on the warning order and muster list
    Thank you
    Andy Evans

  2. Don’t know if you got a reply Geraldine, but dress regs are in the Members’ Handbook at the top of the page. Admittedly it is dated 2004 but may be of some use.

  3. Noticed a rather rude posting from an older member who is struggling to find OOD (2nd title at the top of the screen)

    Posts like these stay in pending or get trashed :)

  4. I am trying to find a copy of the dress regulations but can not find it on this site. Could someone please let me know if it is available on here an if so where. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Martin, it’s one of those I hadn’t got round to re newing, I’ll contact Jim R and get it back on the site.

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